Here we bring together Videos about PCaSO, Prostate Cancer, and recordings of meetings or presentations that we believe will be of interest.
All participants in these Zoom meetings and the speakers have given their permission for the meetings to be recorded and shown on the PCaSO website

Developments in Immunotherapy

The speaker is Edd James who is a Professor in Cancer Immunology at the Research Centre at the University Hospital Southampton. Professor James talks about Developments in Immunotherapy for Prostate Cancer Patients.
PCaSO has a section in our information booklet, Knowledge Empowers, about Immunotherapy under ‘Emerging Therapies and Treatment Options’ which is worth reading, but briefly – Immunotherapy has become a standard treatment for some types of advanced cancer, both lung and skin cancers have been treated with immunotherapy drugs, it is now being developed for advanced prostate cancer patients. It works by helping the immune system to recognise and attack cancer cells and can be delivered on its own or with other prostate treatments such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy.
Recorded 19th. May 2021


Diet and Nutrition

Recorded on 22nd. April 2021, introduced by Brian Holden, Mid-Sussex Prostate Cancer Support Group. The topic is Diet and Nutrition – eating well with prostate cancer, exploring the role of diet and nutrition. The session is led by Nicky Robinson (MSc Nutritional Therapy, BA (hons), mBANT, CNCH), Nutrition Lead and Services Lead, Penny Brohn UK, and discusses how simple, evidence-based diet and lifestyle changes can support health and wellbeing for those with prostate cancer, before, during and after treatment.

Nicky has a lifelong interest in the role of food as medicine and a passion for nutrition research. At Penny Brohn UK her role includes nutrition services development, evidence reviews, facilitating client education courses and nutrition team management. Nicky also has a private nutritional therapy practice, and in her earlier career worked at senior level in ethical business and international development, gaining extensive experience in the field of individual and community wellbeing.

Chaloner Chute – Prostate Cancer One Man’s Journey

Chaloner Chute lives in Chichester and was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2015 and then treated through to 2019.  He has a son, Jack, who is a professional film-maker and they have made this film.  It started as one man’s journey, a trip we have all made or are making, but then developed into living with cancer and then into where the research is going and what the future may hold for prostate cancer treatments.  Those of you in West Sussex may well recognise some of the people in the scenes in St Richards Hospital and the places used as venues in Chichester.  He has also got access to labs, clinicians and scientists in London and elsewhere who are at the forefront of developments.

The filming was done before COVID – in fact the last scenes were shot in the week before the first lockdown – so there are old-fashioned activities like handshakes, conference rooms and no masks.

The film lasts an hour so make yourself comfortable with a cuppa or a glass, ideally with your partner, and settle down to watch.  Whether you have just been diagnosed, still on the road or have been signed off after treatments you’ll learn something.

Chaloner Chute with Professor Ros Eeles, Institute of Cancer Research

Healthy Living – Exercise

Recorded on 18th. February 2021, introduced by Brian Holden, Mid-Sussex Prostate Cancer Support Group. The topic is exercise, based around a publication called Healthy Living – Exercise, produced by Brian Holden and Lance Allen. The guest speaker Peter Williamson, talks about subjects such as how to do simple exercise indoors, around your own garden and locality. For those more energetic, there is a discussion about the green gym, running, and cycling.
Guest speaker Peter Williamson has had a 20-year career in the National Health Service, from hospital nursing to community health education/promotion to public health. Peter is particularly aware of the potential benefits of walking to individuals, communities and to society as a whole, for keeping fit and staying healthy throughout one’s lifespan, and also for managing health and mobility problems. You can view/download Healthy Living here

Keeping Active through and beyond Prostate Cancer – presented by Rosie Sadler, Cancer Activity Project Coordinator, Brighter Outlook

Recorded on 14th. January 2021, organised, hosted and introduced by Debbie Hatfield, PCaSO Eastbourne Group. Rosie, from Albion in the Community, gave an illuminating presentation with slides on how gentle exercises can kick-start a more active lifestyle after Prostate Cancer treatment, followed by a Q&A session. Very well received by the meeting attendees. The slides for this presentation are available here

HDR Brachytherapy – a talk by Dr Angus Robinson

Recorded on 26th. November 2020, a very impressive presentation by Dr. Angus Robinson on HDR Brachytherapy with detailed slides and explanations, very warmly received by the meeting attendees.

Radicals – a talk by Dr Angus Robinson

Recorded on 26th. November 2020, a further presentation by Dr. Angus Robinson on First Results from the RADICALS-RT Randomised Controlled Trial with detailed slides. The essence of this trial is the timing of any post-prostatectomy radiotherapy. Very interesting results.

Erectile Dysfunction – a presentation by Dr. Steve Allen

Recorded on 14th. October 2020, a presentation about Steve Allen’s personal story of Erectile Dysfunction after a Radical Prostatectomy. Steve talks about how this affected him, how he dealt with it and explains in a non-technical way why Erectile dysfunction happens with diagrams explaining the physical background, and what happens with different treatments.

PCaSO Chair Roger Bacon describes it as ‘one of, if not the best talks on this important topic for men who have had surgery or radiotherapy’

PCaSO and Prostate Cancer

This 4 minute video produced by PCaSO in 2020 is introduced by Professor Christopher Eden, MBBS, MS, FRCS (Urol), Professor of Urology and Consultant Urological Surgeon at The Royal Surrey County Hospital Guildford.

This is followed by an introduction to PCaSO and the work it does in spreading awareness of Prostate Cancer and holding PSA Testing Sessions around Sussex, Hampshire and Dorset.

PCaSO – What happens at a PSA Test

The four and a half minute video, made by PCaSO in 2020, includes footage from a PSA testing event held by PCaSO at Hove in 2019.

In this video Consultant Urologist Professor Christopher Eden discusses Prostate Cancer and the PSA test.

PCaSO will give you a leaflet at the test event giving information about the test and there will also be a PCaSO volunteer on hand to give a short talk or to answer questions before having the test.

Disclaimer. We aren’t doctors and don’t claim to know everything so we recommend you always consult
a professional clinician before taking any action.

PCaSO retains all copyrights on this book but will not object to individuals downloading it for their own use.