Video – Professor Chris Parker – RADICALS-HD Presentation

Professor Chris Parker RADICALS-HD Presentation

Chris Parker is Consultant in Clinical Oncology at Royal Marsden Hospital.
This presentation and Q&A Session is about the RADICALS clinical trial protocol including a number of randomised comparisons.  The research is taking place in the UK, Canada, Denmark and the Republic of Ireland.  The protocol recruited nearly 4000 men to help answer two important questions for men who have had surgery for prostate cancer.

  • Which is the best way to use radiotherapy after surgery?
  • Which is the best way to use hormone treatment with any radiotherapy given after surgery?

There are some very good results from this trial. Professor Parker also gave some feedback on new drugs that are showing promise in other trials, and there is a Q&A after the presentation.
Recorded on 2nd. March 2023

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