Video – Diet and Nutrition – Nicky Robinson

Diet and Nutrition – Nutrition and Services Lead Penny Brohn UK

Recorded on 22nd. April 2021, introduced by Brian Holden, Mid-Sussex Prostate Cancer Support Group. The topic is Diet and Nutrition – eating well with prostate cancer, exploring the role of diet and nutrition. The session is led by Nicky Robinson (MSc Nutritional Therapy, BA (hons), mBANT, CNCH), Nutrition Lead and Services Lead, Penny Brohn UK, and discusses how simple, evidence-based diet and lifestyle changes can support health and wellbeing for those with prostate cancer, before, during and after treatment.

Nicky has a lifelong interest in the role of food as medicine and a passion for nutrition research. At Penny Brohn UK her role includes nutrition services development, evidence reviews, facilitating client education courses and nutrition team management. Nicky also has a private nutritional therapy practice, and in her earlier career worked at senior level in ethical business and international development, gaining extensive experience in the field of individual and community wellbeing.

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