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When a man is diagnosed with prostate cancer his world stops.  We know.  We’ve been there.  No matter how prepared you are when that word is mentioned you don’t hear most of the rest of the interview.

The doctor will probably give you choices of treatment or drugs and you have no idea of what they might involve or what side-effects there may or may not be.  You probably don’t even know the questions to ask.

PCaSO has a Help Line for men with Prostate Cancer, call for a friendly chat on 07879 903407

There is also a WhatsApp Support Group for PCaSO Members. If you would like to join the conversation please a WhatsApp message to 07879 903407

You are not alone!


Free leaflets

We publish a range of leaflets but the main one is called ‘Knowledge Empowers’ and is a 62 page booklet updated every two years that explains prostate cancer, the treatments and drugs.  You can read it here or we can post you a copy.

Our Publications

Local Information

For local information, perhaps about local hospitals, for instance, call the nearest group leader, click here and follow the links, and if we don’t know the answer we may well know a man who does.


Free meetings

Come to one of our group meetings and talk to men who have been diagnosed.  Chances are we’ll find someone who is following a similar treatment path to yours.  And there’s nothing you’ve got that we haven’t heard of before.  You can talk about things you can’t mention elsewhere.

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