Video – Chaloner Chute – Prostate Cancer – One Man’s Journey

Chaloner Chute – Prostate Cancer One Man’s Journey

Chaloner Chute lives in Chichester and was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2015 and then treated through to 2019.  He has a son, Jack, who is a professional film-maker and they have made this film.  It started as one man’s journey, a trip we have all made or are making, but then developed into living with cancer and then into where the research is going and what the future may hold for prostate cancer treatments.  Those of you in West Sussex may well recognise some of the people in the scenes in St Richards Hospital and the places used as venues in Chichester.  He has also got access to labs, clinicians and scientists in London and elsewhere who are at the forefront of developments.

The filming was done before COVID – in fact the last scenes were shot in the week before the first lockdown – so there are old-fashioned activities like handshakes, conference rooms and no masks.

The film lasts an hour so make yourself comfortable with a cuppa or a glass, ideally with your partner, and settle down to watch.  Whether you have just been diagnosed, still on the road or have been signed off after treatments you’ll learn something.

Chaloner Chute with Professor Ros Eeles, Institute of Cancer Research

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