Our partners in the testing program, Graham Fulford Charitable Trust Ltd (GFCT), offer a personal PSA testing blood collection kit developed by  a  private pathology service, The Doctors Laboratory  (TDL), London.

It  consists of a DIY blood collection kit, taking blood from a finger prick and posting it to TDL, they will test the blood and return the PSA result to GFCT, who will evaluate  it and send you the standard green, amber, or red result letter as usual.  The kit contains all necessary equipment – blood vial, lancets, sterilising swabs, plasters, return postage container and instructions and can be purchased for £24.99 (Price may have changed, please visit ordering site below for latest price).

If you are already on their computer system from a previous PCaSO event, they will compare the result with your past PSA result and advice accordingly.

The kits can be ordered from GFCT through PCaSO here

PCaSO is not involved in any of the financial and administrative processing  and does not receive any of this money, or any commission. It is all undertaken by GFCT.

You must either register, or login with GFCT, if you already have an account with them, before you can order your home testing kit.