It is well known that the skin of red grapes contains a powerful anti-oxidant (Resveratrol) that acts against a range of cancer cells including prostate cancer. A number of studies now point to Grape Seed Extract (GSE) which can work alongside resveratrol to provide enhanced effectiveness, as a deterrent against a range of cancers including prostate, breast, skin and others.

35,239 men were tracked for 10 years and those with a high average use of GSE had up to 62% reduced risk of prostate cancer ( 26 April 2021).

Resveratrol is present in red grapes, red grape juice (but avoid ‘juice drinks’ with added sugars) and in low to moderate consumption of red wine. Larger quantities of wine can’t be recommended as higher alcohol volumes can stimulate the cancer cells. Grape Seed Extract can be obtained as a food supplement in health food stores or online.