The TRANSFORM trial is a new national prostate cancer screening initiative that is intended to establish the best mix of tests and MRI scans that could provide a robust national screening service in future. Led by Prostate Cancer UK and supported by the NHS and the National Institute for Health and Care Research, the £42m trial will have two stages involving 12,500 and 300,000 men respectively, including high risk groups such as African-Carribean heritage and genetic/ family cancer history. The men participating will be selected at random later in 2024 from GP surgeries, but note that it isn’t possible to volunteer to take part.

It will take a number of years before the trial’s outcomes can be judged conclusively. Here at PCaSO, although not directly involved in TRANSFORM we will continue to provide PSA testing sessions at local venues as detailed on our website (click on PSA Testing). Men over 50 years can of course ask their GPs for a PSA test – particularly important for the high risk groups as above, or where undiagnosed symptoms are developing.

The use of mpMRI scans (multi-parametric Magnetic Resonance Imaging) is widely known and proven but the TRANSFORM Trial will use a simpler bi-parametric version that is quicker and does not require a prior injection, hence greater productivity from existing scanning machines. TRANSFORM will also use degrees of artificial intelligence in examining scanned images to help quickly identify risks.

See PCUK website for further information.

LA 2 May 2024