Registering on the PSA Test Bookings Website

Appointments are by online booking only.

You can register and then make a booking for an event here.

A list of events with links to the Bookings system can also be found here.  This may from time to time include events that are not yet on the Bookings System.

You will need to first register with the site to set up a personal account using your email address as username and a password before booking an appointment.

Scroll down to the text input box – ‘Register for your free account’

Avoid using shortened firstnames such as Bill, Bob, Jim, use the firstname you were registered with that appears on birth cert. or passport.

Check your name and date of birth are correct, if someone else has booked for you, their name may appear as the booked person due to the browsers autofill facility.

Please note your username is your email address. Your password is unique to you. Please keep your username and password safe.
As soon as you create your account, an email is sent to your email address.
Please open this email and physically click on the green verification button in the email.
Once you have clicked on this verification button you will be able to log into your account.

This will allow you to book a PSA test appointment at a particular event and time of your choice; it will also allow you access your results.

Ensure your email address is correct when opening your account.

When booking an appointment, complete the questionnaire and ensure you click on the green ‘confirm booking’  button at the bottom of the screen.

Q. Why can’t I access my account?
A. It is most likely when you created your account, you did not verify your account.

Q. I have not received a verification email, what do I do?
A. If you did not receive a verification email when you first registered, you might have inputted your email address incorrectly. Please contact the office on 01926 419959 and they will be able to let you know the email address you have entered.

Q. How do I verify my email address if the original confirmation email has been deleted?
A. You will be sent a reminder email a few days before the event, and a results ready email about a week after the event, you can then verify your email by using either of those emails.

Q. I have registered an incorrect email as my username, what do I do?
A. Please send an email to and provide the incorrect email and your correct email and the software developers will change your email to the correct one.

If you require further help on booking phone  01926 419959

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